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Wilson Farm Fresh Meats has years of experience selling farm-grown meat and specialty products in St Johns, MI. When you come to our farm, you'll be able to see the animals and find out exactly where your meat is coming from. You won't have to worry about eating meat that's been injected with growth hormones or steroids when purchasing meat from our farm.

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Wondering what kinds of products we have for sale? Come to our farm if you want:

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Selling fresh meat to area residents since 1986

There's a reason why we're the go-to local meat market and farm in the St Johns, MI area. You'll appreciate that:

  • We have over 30 years of experience selling quality meat, fresh from the farm
  • We proudly accept EBT cards
  • We don't use growth hormones or steroids when raising out cattle
  • We treat our animals with dignity and respect
  • We make all our specialty products in-house
  • We take pride in maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere

Call us at 517-202-4437 now to learn more about our local meat market and farm.

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